Hi, I'm Brittany.

I am a passionate marketing and communications professional with a sound foundation in social media and management. I have a proven ability to conceptualize and implement marketing strategies, in addition to monitoring analytics to increase visibility and interaction.

I fell in love with marketing while a freshman at Fordham University, and have since further developed my passion through a variety of dynamic positions in the marketing, events, not-for-profit, and corporate training industries.

People purchase from people they know, and digital marketing offers a unique opportunity for customers to "get to know" who they're buying from without regards to physical location. I connect people through digital media outlets, such as social media and search engine marketing, while also cultivating increased brand awareness and attention through tradition marketing mediums, such as print advertising.

About Brittany

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Brittany has held positions in a variety of industries, including events and not-for-profit, as well as worked with clients from a plethora of idustries.



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